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4.0 – Advertise Your Projects

Once you have registered as an Employer you can advertise your projects on findmy.team.

Select the ‘Projects’ option from the top menu and then choose ‘Post a Project’ (See Fig. 1).


Post a Project Menu Item

Fig. 1 – Post a Project Menu Item


You can choose a number of payment options (Fig. 2).  Select your preferred option and choose ‘Next Step’.

Choose a payment option

Fig. 2 – Choose a payment option

You can advertise a limited number of projects for free, after that we will ask for a small fee.  We will also deduct commission from payments to freelancers once a project is completed.

For this example we have selected option ‘Standard’.  You will see the following screen (Fig. 3)

Add you project details

Fig. 3 – Add you project details


Once you have completed the project details and clicked ‘Submit Project’  you will be asked to submit payment. In this case we selected the ‘Standard’ option of posting up to 10 projects for £9.99 and this is what will be charged.  You are not paying the project fee at this stage, only the advertising costs.


Fig. 4 – Payment


You will now be taken to a payment page where you can enter payment details (see below).

Once you have completed payment (or submitted a free listing) you will be able to return to the site and find your project management page.

You should receive an email confirming the listing is published.  An email will also be sent to relevant freelancers inviting them to bid for the project.

Go to the top menu PROJECTS => ALL PROJECTS POSTED and select your project.  You should then be taken to a page similar to this (Fig. 4)

Project management page

Fig. 5 – Project management page


You can see freelancer bid, your milestones and review the general project information.


Paid Packages

If you selected any of the paid packages in Fig. 2 above you will be asked to make a payment.  Note: We use Stripe to handle our payment processing.

Enter your card details:

Paying for a Batch Licence

Fig. 6 – Paying for a multi-project batch

Once completed you will see:

Batch Licence Payment Confirmed

Fig. 7 – Payment Confirmed

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