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6.0 – Closing a Project

When you want to end a project, go to the project workspace and select:

  • Close button means the project is not complete, but you want to stop it – this will trigger a dispute.
  • Finish” button means the project has been completed successfully and you want to end the project and release the payment for the freelancer.


Ending a Project options in the Project Workspace

Fig. 1 – Ending a Project options in the Project Workspace


When you click Finish you will be asked how the project went…

Finish Pop up

Fig. 2 – When you finish a successful prject you will be asked for feedback

If you see a red banner with the message: You have insufficient funds….


Once completed the project page will show the status has changed from ‘Processing’ to ‘Completed’.

Project Completed

Fig. 6 – Project Completed



Closing a Project Before Completion

If you clicked Close to end the project early, you will trigger a dispute and see the following pop up.  Of course, it may not actually be a disupte, so you can explain here why the project ended early and if it’s ab amicable closure or a real dispute.

Close Pop Up

Fig. 3 – Closing a Project Early will Trigger a Dispute.



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