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2.0 – Registration

Select the “Apply as Freelancer” link on the hope page or choose the ‘Sign Up‘ option from the top menu.

Enter your details in the registration form and click the ‘Sign Up’ button.


Freelancer Sign Up Form

Fig. 1 – Freelancer Sign Up Form


You will be directed to a profile screen but before entering any additional information, you should confirm your account.

Check your email! 

You will have received an email from Findmy.Team and need to click the confirm link within it.

Confirm Link

Fig. 2 – Click the Confirm link in the email we sent you.


When you click the Confirm link you will be taken back to the Findmy.Team site.  Assuming everything works correctly, you will receive a confirmation email that looks something like this (Fig. 3):

Registration Confirmed

Fig. 3 – Registration Confirmed Email


You should now be logged in and registered and see the menu items at the top of the screen now include ‘My Projects’ and ‘Projects’ links (Item 1 in Fig. 4 below).

Select the profile link (Item 2 in Fig. 4) and choose ‘My Profile’ (Item 3 in Fig.4).

Logged In Freelancer

Fig. 4 – Logged In Freelancer


Once you select the ‘My Profile’ option you need to complete your profile and payment details in order to be notified of and apply for freelance projects.

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