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3.0 – Your Freelancer Profile

Once you have completed the registration process and confirmed your email address, you need to fill in your profile details.

Log in to the Findmy.Team site and select ‘My Profile’ from the top menu (Fig. 1 Item 3).

Logged In Freelancer

Fig. 1 – Select My Profile (Item 3) to edit your details.


You should see a largely blank profile screen that will look something like this (Fig. 2):

New Freelancer Profile

Fig. 2 – New Freelancer Profile


Note – Paypal is no longer an option and you will see an option to ‘Connect with Stripe’ – please select this and create a free Stripe account to send and receive payments from Findmy.Team.  See below for more information.

Select the ‘Edit’ or ‘Add New’ buttons in each section to update your information.

When you select ‘Edit’ on the first section You will see a screen like this (Fig. 3).  Amend the fields as appropriate.  If you wish to add a profile picture, select the ‘Change’ option.

Profile Edit Screen

Fig. 3 – Profile Edit Screen


To add or change a picture, select the ‘Change picture’ link first and a then locate the image on your hard drive (Fig. 4).

Drag the blue frame to crop the image to your desired view.

Click ‘Save profile picture’.

Editing your profile picture

Fig. 4 – Editing your profile picture


Save any changes to your profile and continue on to complete the other sections in your profile.

Once you have added a profile, you will appear in the freelancer directory and may appear on the homepage profiles focus section (Fig. 5)


Homepage profile listing

Fig. 5 – Homepage profile listing


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