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3.2 – Profile Portfolio Section

The portfolio section allows you to display information about projects you have worked on.  It is primarily intended to allow you to display visuals and graphics.

You can add multiple portfolios for different projects.

Fields include:

  • Portfolio Title
  • Portfolio Description
  • Images (Maximum upload file size is limited to 10MB, allowed file types in the png, jpg, and gif.)
  • Skills used (you can only select from skills you have previously selected in the main profile edit box)

The edit screen looks like this:

Portfolio edit options

Fig.1 – Portfolio edit optionsAfter adding a portfolio item the first image you uploaded will be treated as a primary image and will display on your profile.

Mouse over the image to Edit or Remove.

On your public profile, users will see the image but when they mouse over they have the option to ‘Sample the Portfolio’.  They will then be able to see all the images you uploaded and read the accompanying text.



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