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5.0 – Bidding for Projects

You may receive email notifications of relevent projects but you can also log on and check for projects directly.

Once logged in, go to the top menu and select Projects.  You will see a screen offering filters and beneath these, a list of relevant projects (Fig.1).

Available Projects

Fig. 1 – Search for suitable projects using filters


Select a project you would like to bid for.  In this example, it is the ‘Draft Employee Handbook’ project.  Once you click on the blue project name you will see a project details screen from which you can select the option to bid.

Project Bid Screen

Fig. 2 – Click the blue button to enter your project bid


You will be asked to purchase Bids:

Purchase Bids

Fig. 3 – You May be Asked to Purchase Bids


Choose the package you want

Bid Packages

Fig. 4 – Choose Your Bid Package


Pay by Card

Fig. 5 – Select Option to Pay by Credit Card to our Stripe Account


Complete your card payment details and return to the bid screen.


A pop up screen will appear where you can enter the price you will do the job for, a delivery date and some notes about why you are the best person for the job, your experience or other suggestions.

Bid Screen

Fig. 6 – Complete your bid and Submit


Once you bid, a summary of the bid will appear at the bottom of the project summary screen.  You can withdraw your bid by hitting ‘Cancel’.


Project Page Following Bid Submission

Fig. 7 – Project Page Following Bid Submission


When Your Bid is Accepted

If your bid is accepted, you will receive an email notification.  Log into your account and select ‘My Project’ and choose the project you wish to work on.

My Project page showing as successul bid

Fig. 8 – My Project page showing as successul bid

Select the ‘Wordspace’.

This is where you can communicate with the project owner and manage the project.


The Project Wordspace screen

Fig. 9 – The Project Wordspace screen


Once the project owner has accepted the bid, they will be asked to deposit the project fee in our escrow account.  When the project is finished, we will release this payment, less our commission, to you.  Please ensure you have created a free, linked, Stripe account in your Profile screen so you can receive payments.

IMPORTANT: When You Complete or Leave a Project

If you complete the project successfully, let the project owner know by sending them a message – they will need to confirm the project is completed.  The project status….

If you decide you cannot complete the project you can end the job by selecting ‘Quit‘ or ‘Discontinue‘.  This will lodge a dispute and you will be asked to explain why you have quit early.  If this is simply because you are not able to finish and you do not expect to be paid, please make this clear.  If you are really in a dispute with the project owner and believe you should now be paid, please explain what has happened.


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