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What happens if there is a dispute?

Things don’t always work out.

Sometimes a dispute may arise during the project and the freelancer or employer may quit in the middle of the job.

When the project hasn’t been completed, the freelancer can “Quit” while the employer can “Close” the project.  When either of these happens, a dispute will be logged.  The user will be asked to explain the reason they terminated the project before completion.


Discontinue Project


In this situation, Findmy.Team may step in to adjudicate although we will always ask the project owner and freelancer to seek an accommodation between themselves first.

Based on reasons given by both employer and freelancer, our account managers will decide whether to make the refund to the employer or to send the project fee to the freelancer.

Please note we are not regulated to provide legal advice and will not step in or arbitrate in legal actions or when allegations of illegality are made.  In such circumstances we may freeze an account and only release funds when other means have resolved the dispute.

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