Fee and Automated Transfer Authorization Agreement

This Fee and ACH Authorization Agreement (this “Agreement”) provides information on the fees Black and White Trading Ltd (trading as FindMy.Team) charge for use of the Site’s communication, invoicing, dispute resolution and payment services and includes eligible Users’ authorization for debits and credits from and to their designated bank, credit card and payment processing accounts via our payment processing facilities. This Agreement is part of the Terms of Service. Capitalized terms not defined in this Agreement are defined in the User Agreement, Site Terms of Use, or elsewhere in the Terms of Service.

By clicking to accept the Terms of Service on the Site or by continuing to use the Site or the Site Services on or after the effective date noted above, you accept and agree to this Agreement. To the extent permitted by applicable law and except as otherwise provided in the Terms of Service, we may modify this Agreement without prior notice to you, and any revisions to this Agreement will take effect when posted on the Site unless otherwise stated. However, we will provide advance notice of any increase in prices or fees affecting current Users. Please check the Site often for updates.


Pursuant to the User Agreement, FindMy.TeamEscrow charges Freelancers a Service Fee for each payment their Client makes to the Freelancer on a Service Contract.  Where applicable, FindMy.Teamor FindMy.TeamEscrow may also collect taxes (such as value added tax (VAT) in Europe) on Service Fees.

Pursuant to the Freelancer Membership Agreement, FindMy.Team may charge Freelancers a Membership Fee. These Membership Fees automatically renew until they are cancelled as described on the Site.

Additionally, the use of various Payment Methods offered through the Site and the Site Services may incur added fees or charges. All Payment Methods will be posted on the Site along with any associated fees or charges, which we may update from time to time at our sole discretion. You hereby authorize FindMy.Team to charge to you and to collect from you (consistent with this Agreement, the User Agreement, or elsewhere in the Terms of Service) any fees, charges, or taxes described in this Section 1.


We will charge you a Service Fee based on the total Freelancer Fees collected by you from your Client (less any refunds or reversals) for the duration of your relationship with your Client (the “Engagement Relationship”).  The Service Fee rate is 10% of the Freelancer Fees.


FindMy.Team offers several advertising package plans for Clients, which each include access to certain features and services of the Site, as described on the Site homepage (See “Select the level of service you need for project posting”). Current packages are ‘Free’, ‘Standard, and ‘Premium’. Packages purchase the ability to post a specified number of jobs advertisements on the site, to appoint a freelancer to undertake that job and to manage and pay for the work.

FindMy.Team reserves the right to change advertising packages, change the features and services included in each Client package, change the fees or fees for certain premium services or options, or institute new fees at any time, in each case upon reasonable notice posted in advance on the Site. No refunds of fees already paid will be given. If FindMy.Team exercises its right to cancel a package, FindMy.Team will not refund fees already paid unless otherwise required by law.


Where applicable, FindMy.Team may also collect taxes (such as value added tax (VAT) in Europe) on membership fees and the cost for premium services or features, as set forth in the User Agreement.


You must pay your FindMy.Team fees through your FindMy.Team Account when booking your adverting package. The membership billing period begins on the date that FindMy.Team receives payment.


If you change your Advertising Package, the new program and new billing period will be based upon the date FindMy.Team receives payment of the new membership fee. If you upgrade a package, it will result in a new billing date effective upon the date of payment of the additional fees and, if applicable, will result in a credit of the unused portion of the existing package fees. If you downgrade a membership, you will not receive a refund or credit for the fees already paid. The downgrade will go into effect at the beginning of the next billing period. FindMy.Team reserves the right to modify its Package Plans at any time, upon reasonable notice posted in advance on the Site.

For more information on upgrading, downgrading, or canceling your membership, check the Site or contact Customer Support.


Regardless of the type of Payment Method used and Package Plan selected, we charge Clients a payment processing and administration fee as described in this Section 3.


FindMy.Team’s payment processor may charge Clients a payment processing and administration fee on each payment made by the Client through the Site (the “Payment Processing Fee”).  FindMy.Team uses Stripe for payment processing and you are advised to check their Terms and Conditions for further information.

If payments made by a Client are released to the Client Escrow Account for any reason or refunded by a Freelancer, the Payment Processing Fee will not be refunded.


If and to the extent permitted by FindMy.Team in its sole discretion, Users may pay Freelancer Fees, Advertising Fees, fees for Client Membership Plans, and other fees owed under the Terms of Service from their designated bank, credit or payment processor accounts. Subject to Upwork’s eligibility requirements, if you elect to pay Freelancer Fees or any other fees owed under the Terms of Service via automated transfers from your designated account, you hereby authorize FindMy.Team Escrow to electronically debit and, if necessary, electronically credit your designated bank account via an automated transfer process for such fees pursuant to the Terms of Service.  Your authorization for transfers contained in this Section 5 will remain in full force and effect until you notify us that you wish to revoke your authorization by removing your account information from you Profile or by contacting Customer Support. You understand that we require at least one (1) business day’s prior notice in order to cancel your authorization for transfers contained in this Section 5.

You must notify us of any change in your designated account’s information at least five (5) business days before any such change by updating your bank account information in your Profile or by contacting Customer Support. If we do not receive notice at least five (5) days before any such change, we may attempt, in our sole discretion, to implement such change prior to any debit or credit transfer performed pursuant to your authorization provided in this Section 5. However, we assume no responsibility for our failure to do so.

You may view a history of your Account transactions by logging in to the Site and via your account with out payment provider (Stripe). You are solely responsible for promptly reconciling your Account transaction history with the transaction records for your account. You must notify us of any errors or discrepancies in your Account transaction history (each, an “Error”) within 30 days of when the Error could be viewed in your Account transaction history on the Site. If you do not notify us of an Error within 30 days of when the Error could be viewed in your Account transaction history on the Site, you will forfeit the right to contest the Error, except to the extent such forfeiture is prohibited by applicable law.

Subject to the foregoing notice requirement: (a) if and to the extent an Error is caused by us, we will correct the Error and (b) if an Error is caused by you, we may, but are under no obligation to, attempt to correct the Error and will offset any costs we incur from any funds returned to your bank account or your Client Escrow Account, as applicable.